Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I'm sleepy today... I should probably update on what I've been up to.

Currently working on studying for Midterm for Computer Architecture (test tomorrow).  I'm also trying to figure out how to plot how threshold voltages and transconductances change over time in Cadance easy.  I recently finally understand how C-Elements and 4 phase communication works.  Setup a Matlab example.  Problem I had was for my C-Element, I wanted it to only have two inputs and a single output, but also retain the information of the previous state.  So I used a global variable... problem with this is in the 4 phase communication, each C-Element now needs its own variable.  I don't want to pass in the previous state.  So I used 2 temp variables to store the old states between calls at the higher level.  I'm going to have to re-design this.  Probably need to do it down to the gate level (add in unique delay for each type of logic depending on how I physically design it... but then the question comes up... can I run them in parallel in Matlab... I think yes in simulink or if I'm them a cell in a matrix... but not 100% sure... have tried it yet).  Kind of a simple first order approximation thing... oh why am I doing this.  To help with a few of my research projects.

But today... I'm feeling lazy...

Sunday, April 22, 2012


So... just got up about an hour ago.  Yesterday was my first picnic day at UCDavis.  It was really a hoot and tones of people.  I did the following things:

Helped with setup Electrical Engineering projects for display that day.  The undergrads in EEC 136 did some really cool projects (I'll put up a link to them later).

Musical Stairs
3D Snake game
Pulse Oximeter

I took off to the Dog race the vet school was showing off.  On the way there I saw a helicopter land right in front of me, ~200 feet (which was cool).  After that I went walking around, they had the band playing by the little lake on south campus.  Lots of food, had some ice cream.  Saw the cows and goats.  Now I had a lot of fun at Davis Dance Revolution (I'll put a link later).  There were some really good groups...

I'm tired today... but off to lab.  Today I'm working on homework and reading... maybe a bit of research.


Friday, April 13, 2012


ITS FRIDAY THE 13TH WAHAHAHAH!  The photo is my mom in front of the Century Plant blooming today.  Happens usually once every 10 or so years.  Though the last time it bloomed was 15 years ago, it was a plant about 2 times as high as the current one... it died shortly afterwords.  This is the baby that sprouted up afterwords.  They don't always die after blooming... but oh boy... when they do... they smell bad... and almost impossible to get the stench out of any clothes you use to remove it width... any ways, its a very lovely bloom and plant :P.

This link is targets at Ram, irregardless is a word... lolz I will use it when I want to.  Even though the dictionary warrants me to not use this word.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012



So far not a bad week... except my last 3 dinners haven't agreed with my stomic... don't feel like trying to look up the spelling of stomic (tummy).  I had Vietnameses (think I spelt it right) 3 nights ago...

did have a decent swim this afternoon.  Now back to collecting data... want to get out of here at some what of a reasonable time... took me 2.5 hours to gather half the data I have left... so I'll probably finish around 2am... arg... :|

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Well I finished watching season 16 of Top Gear and I think season 5 of Doctor Who.  Doctor Who just keeps getting better and a bit more twisted.

It is also the end of my first week.  Even though I'm only taking one class, research is going to keep me very busy... I'm not 100% sure when I'll get to start reviewing the EEC 211 material... :|...

other than that... I'm doing well... quite tired... oh yeah half my room lost power.  For my own record, only two of the outlets work.  The one on the North wall near the sink and the one on the East Wall that shares with the bathroom next to the little "fridge" closet I have.  The out lets on the main East, West, and South walls do not work.  Only the light on the North wall works, the rest do not turn on... also note... my battery backup system didn't work long enough for a proper shut down of my main desk top computer...

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


First day of Spring Quarter.

Today was a lovely day.  I went to the Digital IC class I'm auditing and my Computer Arithmetic Architecture class (my only class for a grade).  So far not too bad... got a little homework and chapter 1 to read :).

I'm currently in lab reading some awesome work done by a German research group.  They got there logic family to work at 0.62 mV for 0.13 um technology... I have much to learn...

I had a good long swim today, watch a little Top Gear, and I'll go home soon, where I'll watch a little Dr. Who and fall a sleep.

Have to do a long of reading tomorrow... well every day... lolz only trying to read one page today... its so dense... I don't know how people read so fast... I have to read a sentence... think about... maybe draw an image, re-read... and then go ah... kind of get it... go to another resource... and then go AH!!! Now why?  Then I ponder... think... ponder some more... and realize that 15 minutes has gone by on one sentence... *not typical for all sentences... just a good chunk of them*