Wednesday, February 29, 2012

3rd Post

Hello every one,

ITS THAT TIME OF YEAR OF AGAIN AT UofI... oh I miss Engineering Open House...

So just got done with dinner, a little Dr. Who, and oh yeah... woke up form a very long nap.  I was more tired than I thought.

Other good news, :) I finally have lab access and my own desk (this is a picture of the other lab with all the testing equipment... I'll take a picture of my desk tomorrow).  I'll start working out of it tomorrow.  Chairs are comfy, but wheals don't work... probably going to yank some other one tomorrow... lolz no dual monitors ...


I was asked to today... what do you do... when I explained it half a wake to a very nice NI rep, he ask why would you be interested in that... I replied because it is cool... seriously that was my first reply... then I went to explain how it could be useful for some applications (but shez I still haven't narrowed down my research... or started it anew).  I think, at the heart of every researcher... you do it because its "cool."  Lolz, but guess its always good to keep a goal in mind with your work.  I need to be better about pulling my head out of the books...

I've decided to try and write a short blog every day.  If you read it :), thanks, but other wise just need a nice place to vent my thoughts.  Life is quite hectic at times, and not always very convenient when you can vent.  So organizing my thoughts in some sort of manner is probably a good thing.

Well enough chatting on my part.  I've got a project to finish!!!  32 bit ripple carry adder...

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

2nd POST!

NOTE TO NEW READERS!!!  I've been unusually busy to communicate as normally do... so thought I blog from time to time.

So just got done a bit ago with my Analog exam. Did not seem so bad... but I've been wrong before. Got to start studying for my Low Power Digital IC exam (have it tomorrow)... but for now I'm going to take a short nap followed by Dr. Who. I've been enjoying the new version of Dr. Who. I'm a big Sci Fi fan :D!!!


This looks very lovely ---> link

And I couldn't think of a better Blog name at the time... lolz... 

Monday, February 27, 2012

First post

This is my second quarter at UCDavis,

Hello, haven't done a blog in a while, but through this might be kind of fun to do with my mentees. Let me know how this works out... I tried this a few years back with undergrad in an high school out reach program. It didn't work to well, partly my fault. Any ways,

Feel free to post cool music videos, engineering related links, or just random questions,

have a good night,
good luck with the quarter,

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