Tuesday, February 28, 2012

2nd POST!

NOTE TO NEW READERS!!!  I've been unusually busy to communicate as normally do... so thought I blog from time to time.

So just got done a bit ago with my Analog exam. Did not seem so bad... but I've been wrong before. Got to start studying for my Low Power Digital IC exam (have it tomorrow)... but for now I'm going to take a short nap followed by Dr. Who. I've been enjoying the new version of Dr. Who. I'm a big Sci Fi fan :D!!!


This looks very lovely ---> link

And I couldn't think of a better Blog name at the time... lolz... 


  1. Hope you did well on your exam today and I know you will do well on the one tomorrow. It's a hard week, isn't it?
    here is my blog link:

    1. not sure how to make a link in a reply of a blog... lolz let me know if you figure it out..

    2. Think I did well enough on my exam today. Now back to studying digital for me :)!!!

  2. Just remember, keep your unintentional EMI/RFI radiators away from your low power digital IC equipment!