Tuesday, April 3, 2012


First day of Spring Quarter.

Today was a lovely day.  I went to the Digital IC class I'm auditing and my Computer Arithmetic Architecture class (my only class for a grade).  So far not too bad... got a little homework and chapter 1 to read :).

I'm currently in lab reading some awesome work done by a German research group.  They got there logic family to work at 0.62 mV for 0.13 um technology... I have much to learn...

I had a good long swim today, watch a little Top Gear, and I'll go home soon, where I'll watch a little Dr. Who and fall a sleep.

Have to do a long of reading tomorrow... well every day... lolz only trying to read one page today... its so dense... I don't know how people read so fast... I have to read a sentence... think about... maybe draw an image, re-read... and then go ah... kind of get it... go to another resource... and then go AH!!! Now why?  Then I ponder... think... ponder some more... and realize that 15 minutes has gone by on one sentence... *not typical for all sentences... just a good chunk of them*

1 comment:

  1. lalalala, it's a lovely day here too.
    You have a good spring quarter.
    And computer architecture sounds interesting.
    Good luck on your research!!!
    And good luck on your reading tomorrow :). You will learn a lot :)!