Friday, April 13, 2012


ITS FRIDAY THE 13TH WAHAHAHAH!  The photo is my mom in front of the Century Plant blooming today.  Happens usually once every 10 or so years.  Though the last time it bloomed was 15 years ago, it was a plant about 2 times as high as the current one... it died shortly afterwords.  This is the baby that sprouted up afterwords.  They don't always die after blooming... but oh boy... when they do... they smell bad... and almost impossible to get the stench out of any clothes you use to remove it width... any ways, its a very lovely bloom and plant :P.

This link is targets at Ram, irregardless is a word... lolz I will use it when I want to.  Even though the dictionary warrants me to not use this word.


  1. WOOHOO, this is so cool! I didn't realize they are flowers when I saw them at that night! Very nice :)!
    I do hope it will not die after blooming :(.

  2. Hey I saw this plant from a little bit far spot today. It's nice :)!