Sunday, April 22, 2012


So... just got up about an hour ago.  Yesterday was my first picnic day at UCDavis.  It was really a hoot and tones of people.  I did the following things:

Helped with setup Electrical Engineering projects for display that day.  The undergrads in EEC 136 did some really cool projects (I'll put up a link to them later).

Musical Stairs
3D Snake game
Pulse Oximeter

I took off to the Dog race the vet school was showing off.  On the way there I saw a helicopter land right in front of me, ~200 feet (which was cool).  After that I went walking around, they had the band playing by the little lake on south campus.  Lots of food, had some ice cream.  Saw the cows and goats.  Now I had a lot of fun at Davis Dance Revolution (I'll put a link later).  There were some really good groups...

I'm tired today... but off to lab.  Today I'm working on homework and reading... maybe a bit of research.



  1. OH, picnic day sounds really cool!!! Did you take a picture of the helicopter? Oh boy, cows and goats, say hi to them, hahahaha!

  2. no, but here is a link to some video :)