Monday, March 5, 2012


Per Becker's suggestion, I'm putting dots between in portion of the date... still keeping with the 10th of a day for fun.

Today was a long day, still got more work to do.  Currently working on device physics... I went for a very nice long swim followed by dinner and Dr. Who.  I did find the clean room today, but having trouble uploading the photo via drop box off my phone currently.  For some odd reason Davis is really anti place towers in town.  This is a fact, they have placed all the cell towers on the edge of town because the people in town don't want to see the towers... which makes the network here... quit bad. 

I did well on my first project in Digital IC.

end log :)...

Added 2012.03.06.8
I have to correct my pervious statement... there are a few towers located in town [link]... either way... the connections are not very good...


  1. Swimming and Dr.Who is a good combination. I guess I have no chance to swim this week!!!
    Glad you did the project very well in Digital IC class :)!

    1. I did average on my Analog test -_-... that should be ok... so I'm an average grad student... haha