Wednesday, March 14, 2012


My current setup, and yes rubble screening the MAC.  Using Linux bot for storage, and remoting in from both to another linux box due to not having every thing setup on this linux box.  A bit complicated, but got it all working :).  Though, later today, I should get my 21.5" wide ACER in :D!!!  I'll have to set that up tomorrow hopefully.  On a side note, really starting to add a lot to my Cadence page... its a work in progress.  I'm soooooo.... sleepy today.  I stayed up late, but had to wake up early.  I don't like missing class.  I've only missed 2 classes my whole grad life.  First one due to being out of town due to job interview and 2nd due to staying up all night and crashing the next day.  

My project for Low Power Digital Design IC is coming a long a bit slower than I'd hope, but that was partly due to changing technologies.  Well got some emails to reply to.  Have a good day... maybe a short nap too before class (had Lamb Gyro for lunch... early lunch :P).   Its raining again today.  2nd day in a row I think.  
I was out side when I took this... and all other doors I saw have this same label... its a paradox door!!!  WOOT!!!


  1. lalalalalalala!!!
    It's not raining but very cloudy here today!!!!
    You will get a huge monitor? How many monitors you want to get? ahahahaha!
    And I see your yellow backpack and you cleaned up all the stuff on your wall!
    You have a good day! And good luck on your class and work! Then get enough SLEEP!!!!! lalalalalala

    1. lolz I slept like 3.5 hours :)! FEEL ALIVE WELL AND TIME FOR WORK!!!