Friday, March 2, 2012

5th post

lol, still haven't thought of a better post naming process.  I'M DONE WITH PROJECT!!! TIME TO PARTY!!! WOOT!!!  Oh ok... get killed in video game... or go grocery shopping... maybe some Dr. Who... I don't know I'M FREE!!!  Yeah I had a long night... and day.  I still didn't get to go look at apartments.  I'll have to do that this coming monday.

Forgot to add... WOOT FIRST JORNAL!

ELL-2012-0318 'Temperature Characteristics of Schottky Barrier Diodes for Low-Voltage Sensing Applications' has been accepted for publication in Electronics Letters and will appear in a forthcoming issue in the next few weeks

Yiran Li, Li Lu, Dr. Li, and I worked on this


  1. DasWalf!!!!!
    Congratulations!!!! On finishing project and three tests!!!!! and on your first journal!!!! Relax, have a good weekend!!!

  2. You can name your blog with the date and if you have a interesting special name, you can add after the date, like today "03/02/2012--My first JOURNAL!!!". ahahaha, just an idea :)

    1. nah... that's too ordinary!!! I'll learn the Star Trek dating system sometime... :P